LBJ, NTE and 35W TEXpress Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Contact: Robert Hinkle
Corporate Affairs
(682) 334-5470

LBJ, NTE, 35W TEXpress

DFW, TX – August 31, 2017– Today the LBJ TEXpress, North Tarrant TEXpress and NTE 35W TEXpress committed to donate $45,000 from tolls collected from the TEXpress Lanes on Saturday, September 2nd to go to the American Red Cross in support of those impacted by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

“We have friends, family and colleagues with all those people in Southeast Texas in the midst of the devastation caused by this hurricane,” explained North Texas CEO, Alberto Gonzalez. “We felt like we needed to do something and we know the American Red Cross touches every aspect of a disaster relief effort, especially one of this magnitude.”

Drivers will begin seeing information on digital message boards throughout the LBJ, NTE and 35W corridors telling them how to participate on Saturday. The concessions will also post on social media and project websites:

The American Red Cross has launched a massive response to this devastating storm providing hundreds of experienced volunteers and staff working round the clock to provide shelter, supplies and emotional support for the Gulf Coast residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. There are shelters across a large portion of the state of Texas and the effects of this storm will be felt for a long time.

Please, if you are in the area, make time to take a trip on the LBJ, NTE or 35W this Saturday to help participate in the hurricane relief effort. If you would like to assist further, sign up to volunteer with the American Red Cross in North Texas at:

About LBJ, NTE and 35W:

LBJ Infrastructure Group operates and maintains the LBJ Express (LBJ) corridor which features dramatically enhanced ramps on 35E south of I-635 with connection on I-635 between Luna Road to the West and Greenville Avenue to the East. The LBJ Express has been fully operational since the opening in September of 2015.

NTE Mobility Partners operates and maintains a segment of the North 820 Loop and Airport Freeway known as the North Tarrant Express (NTE) as well as 35W from downtown Fort Worth (I-30) to North Tarrant Parkway. The NTE has been open and operational since October 4, 2014 and 35W is currently under construction with a full opening expected in the fall of 2018.