About Us

Who we are:

With over 50 years of experience, Cintra is recognized as one of the leading private-sector transportation infrastructure companies in the world. Today, our portfolio includes 24 concession projects in nine countries totaling over 1,000 miles of managed highways worldwide, representing a total global investment in roadway improvements of over $21 billion.

In 2004, Cintra established its U.S. headquarters in Austin. Cintra was awarded the contract for the SH-130, Segments 5 & 6 project in Austin, Texas in 2006, and the contracts for the North Tarrant Express and LBJ Express projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in 2009. Cintra currently invests in and our managers run over $10 billion in infrastructure projects in the United States and more than $4.7 billion in infrastructure projects in Canada.

What we do:

Cintra develops major infrastructure projects that connect people with their work, families and communities in a more efficient way. We do this by developing and managing attractive projects with high potential for creating value for our shareholders and end users. We materialize this potential by bringing operational efficiency and service quality to the entire life-cycle of a concession, from development and design to maintenance to ensure the Government receives a highway in excellent condition upon the conclusion of the concession agreement.

  • Handshake IconWork with governments to facilitate the development of large scale transportation infrastructure projects years sooner than otherwise possible and at vastly reduced public costs through public-private partnership agreements.
  • Coins IconSecure funding for innovative and highly complex projects by developing and applying alternative funding solutions.
  • Know How IconCreate and enhance innovation solutions that set industry standards.

    Free Flow: a fully electronic and barrier-free toll system

    Managed Lanes: Solutions for congested urban corridors. Feature dynamic tolls that fluctuate based on traffic and availability

    Vehicle Fingerprinting: Analyzes license plates and other identifying marks, such as bodywork defects, etc. in order to minimize errors in the identification of license plates on the highway

    Tollflow®: Detects traffic conditions that could generate congestion in the toll area, relies on counters

    DAVAOplus: Automatically detects the number of occupants in lanes specifically for vehicles with two or more occupants by using cameras and an infrared system.

  • Service QualityMaintain high quality roadways that promote efficiency and safety by providing:


    • Ongoing maintenance and repair services throughout the life-cycle of a concession to ensure the road remains in superior condition.
    • Cleaning and landscaping services along the roadway and in areas where pedestrians travel to enhance aesthetics and pedestrian safety.
    • Roadside assistance services including changing a tire, offering a gallon of gas, jump starting a dead car, making minor repairs, assisting during an accident, etc.

How we do it:

cintra process

Parent Company

Cintra is a subsidiary of Ferrovial, one of the world’s leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, committed to developing sustainable solutions.

Founded in 1952, Ferrovial has a workforce of approximately 96,000 employees and operations in more than 15 countries. It is continuously recognized within the industry for its innovative projects, corporate social responsibility efforts, commitment to safety and sustainability, working environment, high ethical standards and management excellence.

Through its four business lines- Services, Highways, Construction and Airports, Ferrovial owns and its professionals operate and manage major infrastructure assets including London’s Heathrow Airport and Canada’s 407 ETR highway. Its Services division also provides municipal services to more than 800 cities and towns in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.