Our Approach

Innovation and Efficiency

At Cintra, we take a holistic approach to design, construction, finance, operations and maintenance to maximize efficiency and fully leverage the benefits of our broad expertise for our public clients. We deliver more for less, with an emphasis on innovative solutions to address our partners’ infrastructure needs.

Our in-house project finance, technical, engineering, legal, right-of-way and financial analysis experts collaborate closely with our partners on every project, seamlessly integrating with their project teams to develop comprehensive, customized solutions to traffic congestion and infrastructure challenges.


We believe innovative and efficient infrastructure solutions can only be achieved by working hand-in-hand with visionary local leaders to achieve their unique goals. We make the project’s ultimate purpose our key business objective and design solutions to help our local community partners overcome complex transportation challenges and grow their local economies in the process.

We take pride in enhancing and sustaining the local workforce by hiring talented employees from the communities we serve and contracting with hometown and in-state firms.

Long-term Outlook

We develop projects with a lifespan perspective, keeping the future needs of communities in mind. We anticipate risks and long term asset management cost optimization concerns from the earliest stages of a project’s lifecycle and allocate those risks to the party that can best handle and influence them.

Through our public-private partnerships, we maintain a strong commitment to our clients over decades long partnerships. We believe that our success is contingent on creating a long-term relationship with the communities we serve and demonstrating day in and day out that we provide a valuable service.