P3s Frequently Asked Questions

Public-private partnerships are critical innovations in transportation infrastructure because there is no such thing as a free road. Road projects can either be financed with tax dollars or with tolls, and public-private partnerships ensure that roads are constructed and maintained far more efficiently than traditional tax dollars allow. Public–private partnerships transfer the risk of future usage of the lanes to the private sector, so if the roadway underperforms, the public is protected.
Managed lanes are unique toll lanes added within existing major roadways to provide extra capacity and handle more traffic volume efficiently. Unlike traditional toll roads, they put drivers in charge of their own travel schedules.

Managed lanes provide a faster, more reliable trip by adjusting the toll rate upward and downward based on congestion with the goal of maintaining a minimum speed in the toll lanes. The toll rate is posted, so the driver is aware of the rate before making a choice to use the managed lanes. As demand increases, the toll rate increases in order to maintain a reliable trip speed within the managed lanes.