Working Together

Our Partners: Government Entities

At Cintra, we believe innovative infrastructure solutions can only be achieved by working hand-in-hand with the visionary state and local leaders with whom we partner. No two infrastructure projects are alike, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining America’s roadways. As a respected global leader, we strive to understand the unique complexities of each project and collaborate closely with our government partners to develop solutions that best meet local needs.

Our Partners: Local Communities

Innovation in infrastructure can only be achieved through partnerships with local communities, their governments and the private sector. A public-private partnership with Cintra carries extensive opportunities for local contractors, drives economic development, generates additional investment opportunities and creates jobs in the regions around our projects.

Our Partners: Equity Partners

Cintra works closely with key players in the transportation infrastructure sector. We strive to select partners that best match each asset’s risk profile and position projects for the greatest success.

Our partners value our ability to identify and mitigate various project risks. These skills, along with our concession-management capabilities, allow us to optimize operations and provide attractive investment opportunities for our equity partners.

Our Partners: Financial Entities

We know how to analyze, develop and implement innovative, complex financial structures through either capital markets or the banking market. Our goal is to match the debt structure to the profile of cash flow generated by the concession in order to optimize the concession’s capital structure.

Because we enjoy maximum credibility and a superb reputation in the financial world, we can close complex financial packages, both on new financing for recently awarded projects and on maturing existing debt. Despite the recent global economic turbulence, Cintra closed several deals during the height of the recession, including the LBJ Express and North Tarrant Express projects in Texas.